The Office of Community Outreach and Engagement supports the integration of research and the distribution of research findings throughout the state of Indiana.

Indiana-gear-graphic-crop.jpgAlthough the incidence of cancer in Indiana is equivalent to national averages, mortality (death rate) is significantly higher and the state’s underserved populations suffer the greatest cancer burden. Thus, the office focuses it collaborative efforts on reducing the cancers that most affect our citizens by:

  • Defining, understanding and monitoring the cancer incidence, mortality, determinants and disparities
  • Conducting and implementing impactful research that targets issues relevant to Indiana
  • Developing and disseminating evidence-based strategies for prevention, screening, treatment and survivorship in Indiana and beyond
  • Promoting health policy that will decrease the cancer burden in Indiana 

A few examples of the office’s research activities include:

  • Increasing colorectcal cancer screening
  • Decreasing tobacco use
  • Increasing HPV vaccination rates