Biobanking: Donating a Part of You to Help Find a Cure.

Research volunteers are vital to speeding a cure for cancer. Our physicians, nurses and scientists not only help you fight cancer, they are researching how to better treat, prevent and possibly cure this disease. Your tissue, blood and other biospecimens can help scientists learn. Understanding real cancer tissue is vital to many types of research and precision medicine.

  • Tissue

    Tissue for this repository is collected from leftover tissue, which remains after medical testing. This tissue is usually destroyed as medical waste.

  • Blood

    Just a few tablespoons of your blood contains, DNA, RNA, proteins and other information, which might help scientists.

  • Medical records

    Knowing information about you such as age, race and medical history helps researchers learn more about diseases.

About Future Research

You are being asked to participate in a research study that involves the collection, storage and use of your information and biospecimens for future research. Scientists do research to answer important questions, which might help change the way we do things. Your information and biospecimens will be stored in a repository called the IU Simon Cancer Center Tissue Bank.

Biorepository or Biobank

A biorepository is a storage bank of medical information and biospecimens. Biospecimens are samples from your body such as urine, blood, skin or tissue, which are used for research purposes.


Taking part in a research study is voluntary. You may choose not to take part or may leave the study at any time. Deciding not to participate, or deciding to leave the study later, will not result in any penalty or loss of benefi­ts to which you are entitled, and will not affect your relationship with your physician. 


Sharing your tissue could help others in the future by contributing knowledge to new treatments or ways to prevent diseases.


  • Possible loss of confidentiality
  • Physical risks, such as pain or discomfort related to drawing blood


You will not get the results from any research performed on your leftover tissue, blood or other biospecimens. Tissue research takes a long time and requires samples from many people before results are known. 

“Research is creating new knowledge.”

Neil Armstrong

If you would like to participate in the study please complete the consent form below:

Consent Form